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"Spiritual development enhances all areas of life — personal and business."

Paul and Jane at sunset
"Adopt a 'Do It Now!' attitude because NOW is the time to succeed!"

On Mount Elbert celebrating his 70th birthday
"Success is not a destination — it is a personal journey."

Paul Meyer and his Piper Cub airplane

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  • Dear Mr. Meyer, I grew up in Mexico. My dad owned his company at SMI in Mexico. He traveled to the US. I remember him talking about you and Mr. Joe Baxter. I grew up listening to your ideas, thoughts, and...

    Laura Alvarez

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Monthly Specials

By Paul J. Meyer

To some people the number “13” represents bad luck, even going so far as to skip over the 13th floor of a building! But to Paul Meyer it represented nothing but good luck ...

By Paul J. Meyer

If one were asked to describe Paul J. Meyer in as few words as possible, the responses would be as varied as his talents and interests were ...

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