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"Success is not a destination — it is a personal journey."

Paul Meyer and his Piper Cub airplane
"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass!"

Paul's 80th Birthday Celebration
"Spiritual development enhances all areas of life — personal and business."

Paul and Jane at sunset

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My Peace I Give You
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If one were asked to describe Paul J. Meyer in as few words as possible, the responses would be as varied as his talents and interests were throughout his long, fruitful life. But what many people may not have known about Paul was the excitement and pleasure he felt when photographing nature and its awe-inspiring beauty. Through the lens of his camera we get a glimpse of the things that excited and moved Paul.

“My Peace I Give You” is filled with more than 50 full-color photographs of the favorite places Paul wanted to capture on film … the serene, pastoral surroundings of Summers Mill Retreat and Conference Center in Central Texas, the grandeur of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the crystalline water and pristine beaches of Grand Cayman island.

With each turn of the page you will delight in the beautiful images and be inspired by the accompanying Scripture, poems, and quotations. “My Peace I Give You” is a magnificent reflection of Paul’s desire to share the peace, comfort, and tranquility he found through his faith in God and through this very personal collection of photographs.

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