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"The harvest we reap in our lives is measured by the attitudes and habits we cultivate."

Paul with one of his many landscape designs
"Spiritual development enhances all areas of life — personal and business."

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"Adopt a 'Do It Now!' attitude because NOW is the time to succeed!"

On Mount Elbert celebrating his 70th birthday

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  • The Dynamics of Goal Setting Program has proven to be one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.  It has allowed me to develop goals for all areas of my life that are in balance.

    Lynda Martin

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To some people the number “13” represents bad luck, even going so far as to skip over the 13th floor of a building! But to Paul Meyer it represented nothing but good luck and great fortune. It was such a favorite number that he began writing lists of 13 things that held significance for him throughout his life. Most, if not all, of the lists were written while Paul “relaxed” in a therapeutic hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Those who knew Paul well will smile at this revelation, understanding that his highly-active mind was always at work! Thirteen: A Collection Reflecting Thoughts and Memories of Paul J. Meyer, offers a unique insight into a man who lived a remarkably successful life and whose talents and interests were deeply varied. Grouped by subject – business, family, health, miscellaneous, and spirituality – you no doubt will chuckle at some of the topics (“13 Absurd, Crazy Sayings I Have Picked Up and Used in My Life!”) or feel a tug at your heartstrings (“13 Things I Remember My Mother Saying That Shaped My Life”). With a foreword written by Paul’s friend and colleague, Ken Blanchard, New York Times best-selling author of the One-Minute Manager, this compilation is sure to rest on your bedside table for those times when you want a quick, inspirational pick-me-up!

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