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I am a profoundly deaf Australian Christian. Last weekend, I loved reading Paul J Meyer's very good and encouraging book Forgiveness...The Ultimate Miracle.

By putting your lessons into action, I have identified my high pay-off activities and organised more time for other parts of my life.

Amazing Book!! I've given around 400 copies away since Dr. Tom Goodman gave one to me.

I owe my success in business, and in life, to SMI and the great program they produced.

Since I have been using it the last 3 months I have made measurable progress in my life.

I recently read of the late Mr.Meyer's book "Unlocking your Legacy". I am taken aback by his outspokenness about reaching ones dreams plus his generosity.

I was 29 years old when I first became acquainted with Success Motivation Institute International, Inc.

Recently my business has taken on a new lease on life since the inception of this SMI program.

Having spent the last three years "treading water" in my business activities, I am delighted that the course (Personal Development) has been a catalyst in rejuvenating my ambition and desire for advancement.In the short term, I have renewed excitement in the achievement of financial income goals I have set for myself since the course started.

So what has participating in a SMI program done for me? Well, to put it simply, a lot. It has changed my life and very much for the better. I now have a business that will triple or quadruple its turnover in the next year

When I reconnected with you (Ian Dawson) some 8 to 10 years ago, I put you in touch with Paul Robinson, a business associate who raised money through me and started as a SMI distributor.

The book of A Fortune to Share is really blessing me and all of my staffs.


Dear Mr. Meyer, I grew up in Mexico. My dad owned his company at SMI in Mexico. He traveled to the US. I remember him talking about you and Mr. Joe Baxter. I grew up listening to your ideas, thoughts, and...

The Dynamics of Goal Setting Program has proven to be one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.  It has allowed me to develop goals for all areas of my life that are in balance.

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